A Commentary on a Video
An Article On Smartphone Addiction
Let’s Build Something
That post about social media
Minimalistic Catharsis For Parents
The Comment to Idea to Execution Workflow
You, too!
And Another Thing… (About Teachers)
Where Does The Money Come From
Louder Than The Kitchen Fan
Rethinking Platform Use Cases
It’s Everywhere!
A Long Circular Road
Catholic Priests in Practice
Surprise! New Furnace
Heritage Pride
Sleep is Awesome
The Reading List
Evergreen by Ranchero Software
Trust Dave Pell
(Screen) Size Does Matter
Like Ear Piercings
Case of the Fridays
Too Soon
The Purge
Altered Carbon
Transcendent Cause
Text-Based Sporting Events
Jack Baty’s Life Stack
Recognizing Utility
The Web Community
I Own Me
Not Really “iPhone only”
My Hobby
Just Glimpses
Mixed Emotional Fatherhood
A Word to Know
The “Right” Stuff
I Love Apps
Tech Guy Curiosity/Silliness
Now To Try To Break It
From Sleeping to the Landfill
Everyone Needs A Win
Learning Italian from Marketing Emails: Sprezzatura
Frosty the *Snow*man
The Math of Media Consumption
More Like Social Media and Us
Writing Habits
Pythonista Updated
Being More Direct in 2018


Confession: I may be a programmer
Low Expectations For Horror Movies Characters
Technology is the Process
The Definition of Complicity
Coloring Books Boslter the Paper Industry
An Unknown Discolored Open Box
You Marry A Family
I guess I’m back.
Golden Globe Nominee Issa Rae, Not My Daughter Isa Ray
App Pre-Orders
================================================================== https://keybase.
Rethinking My Podcast Habit
Amazon Prime Video, Now On Apple TV
The Process
Oliver Cabell Free Advertising
Too Many Books To Read
Conferences As Habit-Forming Endeavors
This M4R File Cannot Be Previewed
$1M Idea: A Disposable Whisk
iPhone X Home Plate
The Cons and Pros of Apple Watch After Year One
Forming and Breaking Habits
Ice Cube, Great Dad
The Most Wonderful Time?
The Rundown with Robin Thede
The Autocorrected Duck
Streaks is a Well-Designed App
Under the Sea, Indeed
Value Propositions with Free Services
iOS MDM Apple Fail
Mike Monteiro Just Blew My Mind
Covenant and Coming Out
This Coffee Isn’t Offensive
Is that Dropbox Purple?
Stop the Looping GIFs
A …-Proof Phone
AirPrint Enigma
The Airport’s Missing Ecology
iPhone Speed As A Technological Dilemma
Achievement Unlocked: My Wife Liked Black Coffee
Lisa Schmeiser Nailed It This Week
Is Perfectionism Hereditary?
An Issue Of Discovery
Desktop No-File System
On Political Welfare
Fatherly Paradox
With Castro, Something Clicked
Just Finished “Dawn”
iOS 11 and iPad
That Gain Commercial
The Biggest Problem For Podcasts
WatchOS 4
Sit and Rest
Sit and Rest
Most Engaged Tweeting
Romeo and Juliet: A Novel by David Hewson
iPhone Upgrade Program Oddities
Hard Truths, Shakespeare Edition
iPhone X Upgrade Syndrome
Apple After Thoughts
Apple iPhone Event Follow Up
Candy Is Probably Bad For You
The Annual September Apple Event
Is Garfield Supposed to Be Kid-Friendly?
Spaceship Physics
Shooting Fish In A Barrel
A Stable iOS 11 Install
The Levels of Advocacy
Automation is hard.
Popcorn is Alien-Looking
Rearranging Space As A Hobby
Audio Media For A Reader
Cutting Off Social Media and Getting the News
Beloved Hobby: Beta Tester
Email Newsletters
The Twitter Paradox
Signs of hope from July, 2016
Toddler-Proof Remotes
On coffee
The Evolution of Click-bait?
Amy’s Drive Thru
All thanks to Stone Creek Coffee
A Good Email Newsletter
Always Two Weeks From Now
Not Much By The Look Of It
Apple’s Carpool Karaoke
A good daycare is important
Hello Weather
Finally Watched X-Men: Apocalypse
Daily Changes in the iOS 11 App Store
Climate Change In Action
Fast Food Vegetarianism
Silence is not golden
Human-Focused Urban Design
Planned Obsolescence
Prime Speculation
This is insanity!
First Generation Utility
The Teslas of Computing
Whole Amazon
That Guy
New Sessions
Old News from a Forgotten Draft
The Apple Fitness Tracker
False Equivalences, Paris Agreement Edition
Emotionally Exhausting, Fundamentally Necessary (You Oughta Know)
You Oughta Know - Lent
You Oughta Know - Transgender Rights
You Oughta Know - Old News
You Oughta Know - Flynn
You Oughta Know - Unanimous
You Oughta Know - The Senate
You Oughta Know - Supreme Vacancy
You Oughta Know - That Catholic Thing You Do
You Oughta Know - Too Much
You Oughta Know - Writing on the Wall
I Think That You Oughta Know (formerly Eloquent Roundup)


The Taint
The activist and the persecutor
Picking Up The Pebbles
Apple’s Trial Run
Reading the Apple Tea Leaves
Fashionable Apple
On Windows
On Writing, A Retrospective
On Smart Things
On Fighting
Why I bought Day One 2.0
The Future of Computing
Journaling Simplicity


2016 or Embracing Simplicity
Smartwatches and Smart Watches
Ben Brooks on Sleep
Silence, Siri!
Spoken and Podcasting
Ben Brooks on Minimalism
British Plug Design
Apple TV App Discoverability Follow-up
An App and an Apple TV
Gravity, A Must-Have Rejected iOS App
The Medium
Hobbies (and Another Basil Review)
The iPad
An Urban Oasis
Dark Side of the Moon
Eloquent Roundup, Week 7
Eloquent Roundup, Week 6
Eloquent Roundup: WWDC
Eloquent Roundup: The New MacBook
Eloquent Roundup, Week 3
Flag Design
Eloquent Roundup, Week 2
Eloquent Roundup, Week 1
BBQ Tempeh Bowl
Tableware for the Impaired
Life After John Oliver
Aluminum Battery Technology
Operating Systems
An Apple Watch Day
Detour and the Maturation of Podcasts
The Lego of 1981
Let’s Stand With Brianna Wu
Yet Another Idea Left
Thoughts on Windows 10
The (Chinese) Song
A Community Desk
Bourgeois Decadence
Experiences, Not Pictures
Superbowl Footballs
Logical Assumptions With Jim Dalrymple
New Macbook Air or iPad Pro
New Wishlist Item: Minipresso
Software is Never Bug-Free


The Metric-ulation of the US
Self-Driving Cars
A New Mac Info Screen
The Song
Workflow for iOS
Blogging About Blogging, Part 2
Instapaper 6.1
Video Game Paris’ Realism
Mission to Mars
Thanksgiving Stuff
A Reason to Run
Why Men Hate Being In Pictures
Blogging About Blogging, Part 1
Monument Valley
Aaron Sorkin on Steve Jobs
Sweet Potato Veggie Burgers
Nintendo, one year later
The iPhone 6 Series
One Year Later: Gravity
Apple’s Subtle Storytelling
The John Siracusa Reviews
iPad Air 2 Mobile Data
The Continued Usage of IE 6
Normal Users on iOS 8
Explaining Future Technology
Nourishing Minimalism at One
The New Tools & Toys
Homemade Gnocchi
The End of Saturday Morning Cartoons
Hot Doug’s: The End of an Era
Kyle Baxter, Heartstring Player
Jimmy Fallon and Robert Plant Duet
iOS 8 and Search
WWSJD is No Longer Important
The Watchmen
Elgato’s Eve Home Platform
The Why of the  Watch
Doubling Down on Secrecy: The Post
Beginner’s guide to Star Trek
Doubling Down on Secrecy
Apple is Changing
The Science of Depression
Penmanship for the 21st Century
What Siri Should Be
He will be missed: Robin Williams
A Better Way to Ripen Fruit
New Accessories on the Apple Store
Game about Squares
Frozen Pizza Reviews
The Bike Design Project
No Cameras Allowed
The Sad State of Customer Satisfaction
Amazon’s “Innovation”
Beats by Apple
Classic Oatmeal
A Grammatically Correct Sentence
Morning Light (Acoustic)
The Cost of Apple’s iCloud Drive
Curbing Online Abuse
The two-headed coin
Surface Pressure
We’re just banging rocks together
Musical Beer Genius!
The Challenges of Android Development
Better Music Recommendations
Brewing Perfection
xkcd: Like I’m Five
What iOS RSS Readers are Missing
Replacing the PC
Guitarist Brain Science
iOS 8 Wishlist and MacStories Redesign
Steve Jobs Quote
Sesame Go
iOS 8 and a User-Facing File System
The Possibly Forthcoming Apple Wearable Device
‘Common Core’ Math Suggestion
Learning (To Love) Grammar
Finally, An Accurate Space Chart
Live Blogging a Job Search
Toy Story Backstory: Andy’s Mom Edition
Security in Mobile
XKCD’s Now
The Macalope: A disagreement
BlackBerry, Microsoft, and… Tizen?
Feeling an App’s Sounds
RIP Editorially
Star Wars + 80s High School = A CW Series
Single Shot Camera Work
Beep Music Synchronizer
Inbox Close-to-Zero
It’s positively Jobsian!
Facebook’s Paper
Building Google’s Nest
Savory Pumpkin Appetizer
Farewell, Design Cruft
Second Gear and Glassboard
Microsoft’s Other Mistake
Podpad, A Wall-Mounted Workstation
User-hostile Link Behavior
Green Bean Casserole
60% of americans are time travellers
The War on Christmas
The Office Annoyance


Misunderstood or Double-edged?
iOS7 and Montessori Education
Misunderstood Electronics
Troubleshooting Genetic Code
A Whopping Report
The Information
The Rise and Fall of BlackBerry
The Missed Opportunities of the Barnes & Noble Nook
Fatherhood and Identity
I own a TV, but I’m still smug
Spot On Sprint Commercial
Cute Identity Theft
LEDs can be scarier than CFLs
Discussing iWork
Welcome to Dinovember
Two Interesting Applications
Both Favorites
Back To The iOS Device
The Bearded Ladies
Stuck in My Head
Changes Imminent
Sriracha Odor Solution
They’re Still Selling It!
Apples and Raspberries
Engineered Eloquence: Free
Libraries Are Still Necessary
Recommendations and Real-World Use
First SNL Interview: Truly Classic
Nest Starts a Revolution
Christopher Columbus was awful
Nest Protect
The Galaxy Gear Ad
Crapware Now and Then
Rands On Wearable
Iconic Book
Confusing UI in iOS7
Happy Fall Concert Night!
Another Lesson from Mr. White
Field Notes’ “Drink Local” Edition Notebooks
Shadow Facts Rides Again
La Sagrada Familia de la Futura
Shawn Blanc Just Blew My Mind
BiPolar Reading
Google Web Designer
iOS 7 Ringtones in Review
Enticing Consumer-focused Features
Apple Releases New iMacs
Fletcher Tables’ Impossibly Functional Design
a slight case of ocd
Worth A Thousand Words
Jonathan Coulton’s Shop Vac
Designing Basil’s New Timers
a seasonal present from prison
Ben Brooks on Dropbox
Settings Expectations
Is iPhone 5S death-knell for passwords?
The Little Mermaid’s Second Screen
Happy Apple Announcement Day!
The PS Vita TV
Go Buy This Book
Rehashing the App Store Business Model
More on Nintendo
Kindle MatchBook
Gruber on Nintendo
Kevin Spacey on TV
Leave Nintendo Alone
“Siri, is Mickey Rooney dead?”
Developed Countries
Teaching Boys Effectively
The Solar System — our home in space
On Reviewing Superhero Movies
Grammar Jokes and Typography
Steve Jobs Schools
Benedict Evans: Nexus phones are ringers
Hank Bought A Bus
The Future of the Classroom
The Innovation of Loneliness
xkcd: Increased Risk
Newspapers, a follow-up
Commas Are Not Semicolons
Failing in the Phone Market
Apple/DoJ Proposal Misses the Point
Tuning Others Out
Basil Ingredient Scaling
Hopelessly Wandering Actors
The Moto X
Slowing Time Down
Mr. Blodget buys a newspaper
Discussing the Nexus 7
Bees, Parasites, and Pesticides
xkcd: Scary Names
Given Time - Release Candidate One
Ben Bajarin: Not Switching
The 75 — 20 — 5 Rule
Bohemian Rhapsody
Rolomotion, the iOS and Apple TV Gaming Console
How the Tesla Model S is made
Engagement Photos in the Style of Parody Movie Posters
Rethinking My Blogging Workflow
Orange is the New Black
Autistic man breaks through the silence
Kutcher on the Jobs movie
Krypton Tech Coming Soon?
The Problem with the ‘Man of Steel’ ending
TidBITS: Explaining the Apple Ebook Price Fixing Suit
Why Is the Golden Age of TV So… Dark? - Hope Reese - The Atlantic
Is Bluetooth 4.0 support iOS’s big differentiator?
Coding Cards on Behance
the beer map of europe
Tagged: Follow-up
Future Cars
“Crazy Train” on the Cello
On the Original iPhone’s Launch
Apple’s Sneak Attack on the File System
My Away Messages
The Revenge of Five Iron Frenzy
iOS 7
Google Glass Banned From Google Shareholder Meeting
Distribution and Spoiler Alerts
Apple WWDC 2013 Keynote
Tesla: A Platform Builder
Rethinking Information
Finger painting on iPad mini
“Dueling philosophies” for Wearable Tech
Coffee vs. beer
Post-WWDC Expectations
Google Glass gets porn
Fox, NBC, and Netflix: A difference in priorities
Back From Getting Canned
Alien, Yet Familiar - Man of Steel
xkcd: Insight
10 things smoothie lover
Ron Howard on Arrested Development
Beautiful Living Spaces
Marissa Mayer’s First 300 Days As Yahoo’s CEO
Tumblr As A Blogging Platform
Previously, On Arrested Development
The Acting Styles of Dr. Tobias Fünke
Apple, by definition
Video: Heckler Design’s OneLessDesk
Video: Arrested Development Trailer
Video: Commander Riker
My kid is screwed!
The Habits of Higly Boring People
On Instapaper and the Obsolescence of the Original iPhone
On the Frequency of Site Updates
With Death Comes New Life
Being a Basil Beta Tester (Basil Review #2)
Thinking through financial freedom, Part 2 (The Original)
Thinking Through Financial Freedom
Lent (or Fasting For Feasting)
The MacBook Air
Staying In Control Of Staying Up-to-date
Italy, Part Due


I’ve got nothin’
Going Legit
The Challenges of Timeless Writing
Contemplating Thanksgiving
Hello World (Again)!
On shuttering…
“[shortly] … he ate ALL of it!?” (via xkcd: Michael Phelps)
Google is worthless
Fortunately, I don’t look to commercials for entertainment or for advice on what computer to buy.
OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion: the Ars Technica review - Ars Technica
Batman Infographic: Every (Significant) Bat-Suit Ever
Apple Store Mosaics in Barcelona!
An Urban Indianapolis
This is my kind of article! - “Friday the 13th frequency”
Are “Notes” on Facebook supposed to be like blog posts?
Interaction Design: Beyond Human-Computer Interaction
A Baseball What If
Slappy Mike and Gumbo Jim
The Phone Stack and subsequent meanderings
∞ (Poorly) Supporting Legacy Devices
Claustrophobic Reading
Either that quarter is comically large or this adapter is comically small…
C. Michael’s take on the current political landscape - Beer and Sawdust
That’s My Boy brings laughed and groans alike
Thoughts on Basil (and everything else)
Film Crit Hulk Reviews Mark Ruffalo’s Performance as Hulk
The Top of My Todo List
Frighteningly Ambitious Startup Ideas
Haha! Sheep Dip… “Paris: Shiitakes, Sheep Dip and California Burgers”
Selling Themselves
Separating the Baby From the Bath Water
We are victims of our own insatiable consumerism
The universe is a vast and uncaring place.
Rush Limbaugh and contraception
The Onion Makes Money on iPad
“Writers I Read: Thomas Brand” - 512 Pixels
Watch this robot finish a rubik’s cube in 5 seconds! (via CubeStormer II - quietube)
Check out this asterisk I made… this is just for fun and testing.
Walter Isaacson’s ‘Steve Jobs’
Persecution By Pope
Read This! –> Daring Fireball: Cookies and Privacy
Scorekeeper XL by Matt Rix is awesome and free for now!
This tech school ad is awesome, although a bit gruesome at the end…
No words can describe how awesome this guy is…
The Galaxy Note
From Your Husband, Jay
Doritos’ Make Your Own
Apple had just one customer. He passed away last year.
In Brief: 5-year-old Analyzes Logos - Brand New (via Daring Fireball)
Make good stuff, then make it easy for people to buy it. There’s your anti-piracy plan.
Best Yelp review yet… RE: “Yelping with Cormac: Dottie’s Cafe”
I think I just drooled…
New Year’s Resolutions


Bearded Men are Sexy
It Feels Like Trust: The Apple Store App And Self Checkout
Fantastic! Clouds above the Grand Canyon in Arizona
Gruber on WebOS announcement
merlin cracks me up:
The Macalope Weekly: Debatable - Macworld
Nook Tablet feature
How To Perfectly Reheat Pizza on
Awesome mom
It’s time. (by getupaustralia)
Reminds me of Chris… Miss you, dude!
Insane… What’s Smaller Than Apple?
A Brief Rant on the Future of Interaction Design
Adobe Flash Mobile: The end of a really strange era!
OS X and iOS are not jails
A Sister’s Eulogy for Steve Jobs -
This is a test post, but read it anyway!
Android Orphans: Visualizing a Sad History of Support
Review: Walter Isaacson’s ‘Steve Jobs’
My Dinner With Android
The $5 App That Justifies my $500 iPad — Shawn Blanc
Fascinating look at languages
Goat Fail
Wow! AirPlay just pushed Apple into the game console arena…
Apple’s 1987 Knowledge Navigator
Atlantis Hotel, Dubai
Alt Text
Thank You Steve
RIP Steve Jobs
The Milky Way from the top of the world
I Heart Skeumorphism by Robert Padbury
“My car has all these things, but what it really needs is this:” (via This is what my car needs - The Oatmeal)
Volcano Smoke Rings!
Gruber on Flash FMS 4.5
This post is for my mom: 45 Years of Star Trek
“What will happen if gay marriage is legalized?”
“Effective use of Flash.” (via The 6 Faces of Bond)
No filter necessary (Taken with instagram)
Now this Bike-Powered USB Charger is a great reason to work out!
Steve Jobs Gets a Tribute Video
MG Siegler’s glorious send off for Steve Jobs… This is not an obituary!
(via Twitter Boasts That It’s Faster Than Earthquakes [VIDEO])
If You Wouldn’t Do Your Job For Free, Then Quit
I’m spoiled! (Taken with instagram)
First-person impression of Apple’s new CEO - TUAW
Delish! (Taken with instagram)
Windows XP and HP hardware… I’m working in obsolescence right now! (Taken with instagram)
Prepping for clothing day in Spanish class (Taken with instagram)
Watch CD Sales Fall Off A Cliff in 30 Seconds
What the huge sales of the $99 TouchPad tells us about iPad and the future of tablets
(via Forkbombr — ‘A Bicycle for our Minds’)
SmarterBits: 30 Days
Chicago… What a beautiful city!
Bionic Hand
Different views of the new desktop and window management paradigms in Lion
Griffin IntelliCase: A great Smart Cover alternative for iPad 2
Galaxies Collide
An iPad success story
How I Made a 15-Year-Old App Developer Cry - Gizmodo
These types of posts are the way to use Google+
Our new puppy, Daisy! (Taken with instagram)
Did the Earth’s lost moon create the Lunar Highlands?
Google are pussies
Ben Brooks is awesome!
How the Editor of Windows Magazine Became an Apple Fanboy - Cult of Mac
this has to be one of the more egregious examples
Why Microsoft Shouldn’t Give Up On Bing
No, Seriously! A canoe that can fit inside a backpack! … !!!!!
Which Mac Mini is Right for You? - Mac|Life
The Best Tablet Display: iPad 2 Just Got Dethroned
Mac OS X Lion and Use Cases
Tech News Is So Phenomenally Boring - Gawker
Machinarium Coming to iPad, Possibly in August
Why we’re betting everything on FCP X
What is OS X Lion Internet Recovery and how does it work? - 9to5Mac
Your mom is so fat she has to buy clothing that is larger than what the average woman wears.
Imogen Heap’s Tech-Infused Gloves Create Music On the Fly
State of the Internet 2011 HTML5 Infographic
Firefox Update Policy
The state of Palm under HP
This is America. We invented obesity.
Stop motion photography of a soon-to-be-demolished automotive factory… Beautiful shots.
Apple Vs. Samsung: It’s All Fun And Games Until Someone Loses a Contract - Mac|Life
Sad Dawson asks “What hump?”
Quirky but well done smartphone showdown… LG Optimus Black P970 - Film: Smartphone Championship Race (by LGMobileHQ)
The Urbanophile » Announcing the Indianapolis Neighborhood Map
iCloud breaks through at WWDC - Macworld
The Oatmeal, I love you! Text: “Most. Epic. Butthole Attack. EVER.”
Minimal Mac - Seeing The Future
Can Apple Make the Cloud Work for Consumers? - GigaOM
Machinarium Soundtrack
Inspirational note to Apple Store employees
Amazon: The Book Industry “In a Box”?
A Tale of Two Upfronts: How NBC and Fox Differ on Digital - GigaOM
Minimal Mac: iCloud — Conjecture, Magic, and A Fools Hope
What is gentrification?
Urban Improv
The Moral of the Story with Jay Ray: Pinocchio Nation
Motorola Xoom - Philip Greenspun Review
Gotta love a good Arrested Development GIF!
Freaky GIF of the destruction of a house in nuclear blast testing (Click through to see animation).
A Christian Response to Violence Celebrated
Be My Girl And Let’s Get Away (Rock Mix)
Apple Really Did Delay the White iPhone for a Reason
What’s really wrong with BlackBerry
How the iPad revolution has transformed working lives - The Observer
Cranking - 43 Folders
It’s Not What Your Software Does, It’s What People Do With Your Software - Talking in Pictures
Comments on “Consumers Don’t Want Prototypes (They Want iPads)”
Comments on Android market share
There’s No Place Like Home Screen - The Philosophy of App Placement
How big an explosion could you realistically survive?
101 Minimalist Ads
I love Hugh Laurie’s music
Time lapse photography of the sky
Damn! This infographic profiling computer users pegs me perfectly as a Mac user…
Bullet Point
So. True.
40 Days Without Violence, Day 37
Apple HDTV vs. Apple TV HD
The Tragic Death of the Flip -
Flash on Android: Look but don’t touch - InfoWorld
40 Days Without Violence, Day 30
Ad-Supported Kindle - Why stop there?
The iPad just fit in
Digital Native Diatribe - The Digital Reader
Would you realize if you lost your smartphone?
Apple, iPhone, Google and the ‘open’ Android myth - Computerworld Blogs
Is That iPad 2 Really Worth $2,000?
Today’s Texting Teenagers
Mac OS X, iOS to share stage gracefully
The articles that make even my brain hurt…
Phoebe (Taken with Instagram at Indianapolis, IN)
Designing the High-Speed Future
“Love is like an app store.”
Daring Fireball: Eight Easy Steps
A priceless analysis of Rock, Paper, Scissors
Great final painting here as well!
What Makes a Great Tech Writer - Shawn Blanc
The Hipster Indie Version of Super Mario Brothers
New Wi-Fi Tablets
Could the iPad 2 replace traditional video game consoles?
Ubisoft Did Not Get The Memo That Guitar Hero Was Dead
Today I met a girl who is old enough to drink, but had never heard of pogs.
I have had this conversation with someone before… seriously!
Mysterious Tiny Doors Appearing Around San Francisco
40 Days of Violence, Day 5
iPhoto for iOS
iPad 2 release spells a bleak 2011 for other tablet makers - Chicago Sun-Times
Motorola Atrix smartphone has a usability vision that stands out - Macworld
Girl with autism expresses profound intelligence. [VIDEO]
Crazy Realistic Geminoid Robot
PC World is link baiting about iPad challengers!
Working CSS3-based Apple Wireless Keyboard
2011 Hyundai Equus
Urshuz - Change Everything
ArchitectureChicago PLUS: I’m Voting for Miguel del Valle
The interesting side effect of iDevices
attention industry: Yes, Apple takes 30%
Windows Phone 7 now connects to Mac - 9 to 5 Mac
New trailer for Alice sequel
Beatboxing Ink Cartridges
What the …?
Apple, please use the technologies you gained from Lala!
Microsoft offers H.264 plug-in for Chrome, queries Google on WebM
Everything is a Remix
Here is the problem:
Not a huge Star Wars fan or anything, but this is cool design…
Eight reasons to drink coffee
The Ambiguity of “Open” and VP8 vs. H.264
Always read the commentary…
Whisky in a Can Is the Best Thing in a Can
Google, you are hurting the open web!
WebM is like Esperanto
H.264 Support and Chrome
A Holiday Message from Ricky Gervais
In a time when few companies are profitable… Apple is making money iHand over iFist.


If Santa has an iPhone, it has gotta be good!
He Sees You When You’re Tweeting, He Knows When You’re Awake…
Your Guide to the Darkest Day in 372 Years
Wired on the Android OS
Google’s Nexus S at Best Buy
What If Holy Mary and Joseph Lived In the 21st Century?
Opinion: Boxee Box in retrospect
Microsoft Silverlight Firestarter Conference and the Future of Silverlight 5
Display Technologies, Part 4: Gorilla Arm and how some companies are ignoring it
Samsung Galaxy Tab, Example 2
Samsung Galaxy Tab, Example 1
F*ck Electrons.
Android is fragmented at the hardware level [UPDATED]
Google’s Nexus S has an uphill battle for consumer recognition
Just think about it…
Great Oatmeal comic about the public school bus…
My question is this: would the smartphone be nearly as popular without the iPhone?
Apple and Google in the mobile platform war
How fast is too fast for obsolescence?
Display Technologies, Part 3: Desktop Display Resolutions
Angry Birds Android Feedback
The 4G forgery - BGR
Is this the start Nook product fragmentation?
How tablets will change the face of computing
Boxee Box Announcement brings two steps forward, one step back
A Kinect FAIL to end the day… poor kid!
The Galaxy Tab is the first Android tablet meant for humans. But is it actually fit for humans? No.
Great stop motion toast video by OK Go, “Last Leaf”
Apple shouldn’t be the gatekeeper of the Web’s video content. Adobe should.
Display Technologies, Part 2: Mobile Display Decision Making
Is Android the Linux of the Mobile World?
Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans Tour (via aroundlsu)
Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission webcasts hearing regarding Duke Energy
You damn right I remember - Roger Ebert
Where Do I Put My Cell Phone?
The Way I Feel About Optical Drives
Display technologies can make or break consumer electronics
Barnes and Noble attempts a Leapfrog
Apple makes a move “back to the Mac”
“Oh Yes… There Will Be Blood”
Not the greatest plot or story telling, but a fun and entertaining film.
Why We’re Not Reviewing the Nokia N8
Too many people just don’t get this…
Orbit Gum has the best ad campaigns!
Apple and Accessibility
loved Up in the Air on Boxee
Google TV launch hardware
Everyone Is Suing Everyone Else
Verizon LTE Rollout
Psychology Textbook Fail - Epic Fail Funny Videos and Funny Pictures
The picture says it all… Math teachers aren’t always right!
New iAds experiences raise interest - 9to5 Mac
What 10 years of Apple did to its main product
Drunk FAIL or Tricky Moving Stop Sign WIN?
Controversial Email WIN
Gloomy Day WIN
Deliciously Simple
Anatomy Of A PR Spin
Regarding Ashok Kumar’s Track Record on Apple
Rumpelstiltskin iPad Book
Newsday’s iPad app
Apple iPad turning media upside down
Carriers Compromising Mobile Platforms
Google Instant
loved The Count of Monte Cristo (delivered by Netflix) on Boxee
I love my father, the pastor of a true Christian church!
Even my dad, the reverend, would like this gaffe! WTF FTW! Worship Teaching Friends, that is…
Animated eBooks are television… They’re TELEVISION!!!
How Apple Just Disrupted the Cable Guys
Why an iPod Touch With Cameras Would Be a Serial Killer
Invisible Shrimp With Every Gulp of NYC Tap Water
Hand Jon Stewart The Keys To Your Failing Network
Flood Lite: Apple’s Attention to Detail
Indoor Positioning doesn’t help me find the salt
Inception Explained for Mac Users
Laugh hysterically in the middle of the office
(via enfusraye)
3 out of 5 stars to Community Pilot
loved (500) Days of Summer on Boxee
3 of 5 stars
Six reasons iPad is a productivity tool
History of the Internet - Online MBA
An Enchanting Time-Lapse
Everyone has gotta love the tag line: “I pity the stool!”
Damn, this guy’s good! He proposes in “under 4 pictures.”
Don’t even use the click-through! This has gotta be the cutest dog I have ever seen!
The Bourne Identity, an Analysis
Pray for Apple. Remember this cover?
The Text Chat Between the Joker and Batman
Refudiate? Repudiate? Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off
Audience Picks: Top 100 ‘Killer Thrillers’ : NPR
Hard Work FAIL - FAIL Blog
Apple is Shaping Our Future
Autocomplete Me: Joke FAIL - FAIL Blog
Inception by Pixar
70 Billion Pixels Budapest - The largest photo on Earth
This one took me a second and then I laughed out loud at work…
That is totally the Chicago Tribune!
The future of computers is kinda daunting…
Walk Through Crowds - Wired How-To Wiki
Apple and the Future of Computer Mice
HTML5 Pacman
Slashdot Your Rights Online Story - Facing 16 Years In Prison For Videotaping Police
Soylent Green is people! It’s People!!!!!!
Anti-3D Shirt Sums Up My Feelings Exactly
How true… “Clowns are people, too… People who want to hurt you!” (emphasis added)
Kinda puts a new meaning behind the current “Open Happiness” slogan…
Jaw-Dropping Dirt
Set the record straight
Fortune Win - FAIL Blog
Poll: If I am unconcerned with Operating System, what Home Theater PC should I buy?
Possibly the best desktop wallpaper ever!
What it’s like to own an Apple product - The Oatmeal
Two Child Problem with a twist
Pulling a Tooth WIN
Is Bing depressed or self-loathing?
See… even sacrilege can be funny!
Repainting the Christian Faith
googlecl - Connect to Google Services through the command line
Any self-respecting Chicagoan should love this old travel video!
With this 62 speaker surround sound, who needs a house to watch video content?!!?
Why is this funny to me?
Wow… this video took patience!
The Old Arm-Yawm Trick
No, Safari Reader Is Not the Beginning of an ‘Arms Race’
Resolving the iPhone resolution - Bad Astronomy
Viral Ad of the Day
Portrait of a BP exec
Colon Cancer Screening
Time Reinvents the iPad Magazine (Again)
How BP Deals With Office Coffee Spills
Awesome Subtext: “Bored at work? Try drugs!”
One Year - Daring Fireball
More Than Tweets: The $0.69 iPad Stand
Verizon Advertisement Fail
20-Foot Shears May Be Used To Cut Leaking Oil Pipe After Robot Saw Got Stuck
Ah, yes… what stupid people can do knows no bounds!
Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch
If I bought t-shirts anymore, I would buy this shirt!
Photo Captions
The iPad and Velcro
Google Takes on Apple at I/O Conference
To your mom, the iPad’s simplicity is a feature, not a bug.
LaCie Media Station
Meet Gink: A Social Network
Adobe Co-Founder Chuck Geschke
First of the last Space Shuttle launches -
I have friends who would buy this bag on principle… I’m look at you @nbr1rodeoclown!
If you like this one, you will love So Much Pun!
Possibly the best Pat Sajak incident ever!
Hmmm… Can anyone call the future of the platform wars?
Adobe, it’s time to stop digging
“This is why I find it hard to believe crime is on the rise.”
Am I a terrible person…?
Monument Circle: Is It Ready?
HP and Palm: what happens next — Engadget
VW Bik.e
Beautiful shot of the arteries of the city that I love and miss!
See and wonder at the Steve Jobs Email Generator - 9 to 5 Mac
Ooh, pretty lights!
I find the mouse over text even funnier than the comic!
Dilbert on that lost 4th Gen iPhone - 9 to 5 Mac
What, then, is the best tool for a given job?
Ever Wonder Why Some People Sneeze Louder Than Others?
Hubble Celebrates 20 Years
Video: Boeing’s 787 Suffers Through Deep Freeze in Florida
Capone’s Legacy Endures
Apollo 11 Saturn V Launch
Amazing ‘Fordham Flip’ - Kownacki’s Incredible Leap
Daring Fireball: Gizmodo and the Prototype iPhone
Yeah… this is the reason why I hate driving!
Embracing the digital book
The new model of software purchases
The Couples Room Mate Syndrome
The world’s first mullet phone
Nike, Sony, and their crazy odd advertisements!
Cheaper Than a Cup of Joe: Before we had Cell Phones…
Serial Numbers for Apple products
Slide Fail - FAIL Blog
Television Hertz Ratings
Humans are capable of pursuing multiple goals at once
Lightning on Saturn
Taco Bell’s Five Ingredients Combined In Totally New Way - The Onion
This pie chart is actually scary to me… people are still using Android 1.5??? Wow!
The US in NOT #1 in Broadband
Every black hole contains a smaller alternate universe
Urban Indy: Parking Lot Density
Alice iPad App
At least the design of GE’s new bulbs is promising
This Looks Like a Duck - Gizmodo
If you want to **** with Google
Ramp Fail - FAIL Blog
BrandFreak: KFC prepares to kill you with its Double Down chicken sandwich
HP Slate Details Leaked: $550 Keyboard-less Netbook
‘Demography Today’ Magazine Targets Demographer Demographic - The Onion
Alex Payne — The Moderate’s Position on iPad Openness
If anything, my iPhone is now an iPad Mini.
13 year old designs an iPad app
Five Reasons
When you leave your laptop behind
Love is grand; divorce is several grand.
How the Tablet Will Change the World
Infinite USB - Plug Redesign by Gonglue Jiang » Yanko Design
Apple and Google
Charlie Miller to reveal 20 zero day security holes in Mac OS X
Google Japan Street View
How Grenades Work infographic
The entire post needs quoting… check out the text that goes along with this one!
Apple: Our Screens Don’t Need No Protecting
Hilarious exchange between Zach Galifianakis and Ben Stiller…
Please Stand for Health Care Reform
The Most Accurate Flyby of Mars to Date
Down and Out in New York City
I don’t care about the article… I just love this drawing!
Hello, everyone! I’m with stupid…
I want to see this Hubble 3D! Will anyone go with me?
This ham actually looks like Karl Rove! Stephen has done it again!
Jon Stewart Recaps Health Care Reform Summit
The Dog Stache
Pretty good back and forth on the iPad…
There is no clarification needed on how screwed up American food subsidy priorities are…
Sex, Blood, and Post-Its
A really powerful Tropicana advertisement!
Staring Directly At the Artificial Sun
I want a Mac Mini on steroids
This Happens to Me Everyday
The question of the day (March 9, 2010)
LEGO Fixer Upper « A/N Blog
Books in the Age of the iPad
4N wristwatch delivers digital time in a mechanical fashion — Engadget
I wish I had thought of this!
What To Do About Non-standard English
Logorama: The Short Film Oscar Winner!
Why it’s time for an iTunes TV subscription
The Sony Timeline: Birth, Rise and Decadence - Sony - Gizmodo
Chocolate Strawberry Smoothie
Great recipe.. who knew that flavored tofu could be good?
Accordion Folding Cook Table by Olga Kalugina » Yanko Design
A Map of the Human Body
Accordion Table Scoffs at Drawers - Gizmodo
Inside the Excruciatingly Slow Death of Internet Explorer 6 - Gizmodo
Top Gear Hilux Death
The eviGroup Paddle Tablet
What Is Your Oath of Chicagoanship? - CHICAGO CARLESS
Fuel Cells and Bloom Energy
This Is How Google Voice Will Ruin Your Relationships
Why Doesn’t My Email Program Have This Button?
Rules Grammar Change - The Onion - America’s Finest News Source
This Pot Holder Will Prevent Burns When You’re Baking
Why Flash Isn t Going Anywhere
Apple doesn’t need another hobby, and print media needs a business model that works.
An Important Excerpt, or “Thank you for respecting that.”
Your company will make your choice phone
I still have obsessive tendencies toward these types of engineering breakthroughs…
Gotta love making fun of the tweens!
iPad: The Microwave Oven That Can’t Pop Corn
Watanbe on being sore:
Inventor of Frisbee Dies at 90 - Fred Morrison - Gizmodo
RIP Blogspot Site
Google Buzz
This Google Buzz parody is dead on and hilarious!
This is a WTF of the day if I have ever seen one!
Is the endless data stream eroding our attention spans?
Best Buy Recycling
Freshness Factor Five Thousand: Oh, How Significant We Are
A Lion, two Sheep, and a Bear… Oh, My!
UGLY FURNITURE ’nough said…
WIN! I thought all of my followers would like this… yes, all of them!
Ah, The Hello Kitty Chainsaw… (sigh)
I am not getting into this…
Shaking Head, Shaking Fist
To Create Jobs, Build Public Transit, Not Highways -
Paignton Ice Skating for Cars
Space Cannon
@Tankboy, I would be proud to wear this on my shoulder!
David Letterman’s Advice to NBC
Wait… what?
So you guys wanna play this rock/paper/scissors?
Thoughts on 3D Technology
The watch actually looks kinda cool!


Trippin’ me out!
For later: Flash Poster Frames
Santa is riding in style this year!
A 1:1 Model Kit Boat - Gizmodo
I am a vegetarian
No Comments Needed…
Probably my next purchase!
Yeah, just thought I should share!
Holy God! An Elephant Paints An Amazing Self Portrait -
Daring Fireball: iPhone Web Apps as an Alternative to the App Store
Spectacular Stop Motion Book Ad Make eBooks Seem Downright Soulless - Gizmodo
What the hell are they trying to promote here? Taking the train? WTF?
This one time… “the story of jedisoccermom”
Free and Flawed
On Blog Updating
Google Street View Captures Fire Truck Hit and Run With an Old Lady On a Bike - Gizmodo
The Cloud: A Short Introduction
Blogspot Comments Shoutout
My love/hate relationship with audiobooks
A quick realization for later post
A case for multiple devices
Re-Envision Cincinnati
The true first post
An newly resurrected Facebook photo…
Difficult Decisions (or why I only half agree with Chicago Carless this morning)