The Moto X

First off, I wanted to make it clear that I do not care about the Moto X. As far as I am concerned, the Moto X is just another Android phone. However, I think the phone is an ingenious move for a number of reasons I thought would be of interest.

Note: I will refer to Motorola as MotoGoogle from now on, unless specifically referring to Motorola and Google as separate entities within the same sentence.

Steps Forward

The Moto X is a single phone that saturates the marketplace.

The Moto X defines itself by its lack of definition.

The Moto X is the first Android phone that makes decisions.

Steps Back

Now, onto the missed opportunities, which all have to do with a single problem. The Moto X is still an OEM phone (read: just another Android phone). All the things that people hate about Android phones are still true.

Again, I don’t care about the Moto X. The first time I had heard of, let alone thought about, the phone was yesterday. However, the moves that MotoGoogle is making will affect the smartphone landscape, even if only in perception of the Google purchase of Motorola. The company is doing some things that I would say are courageous and Google will hopefully continue to redefine the smartphone market as they have in the past. As I said before, I am interested to see from whom this phone will steal marketshare. We shall see.

  1. If that sentiment sounds familiar, it should, because Apple releases a single phone each year and has arguably more mindshare than all Android phones on the market combined. ↩︎

Posted: August 2, 2013

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