Engineered Eloquence

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Make Music, A Third Draft

April 5, 2019

I often feel curmudgeonly since removing myself from much of social media. I made a conscious and conscientious decision to do so for my own sanity and I did so with little fanfare; after all, it should affect only a very small portion of the world if I am not actively liking and retweeting poorly designed typeface-focused platitudes. This is the third draft of this sentiment. The first had no bite, the second was all bite (in all honesty, it was a rant), but those were for me; this one is for you.

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Lenten Fasting

March 8, 2019

For more than 10 years, Kimball Avenue Church in Chicago (my home church) has committed to a collective fast for justice. Historically, I have joined in on their fasting, but as those years have passed, their fasting has become necessarily hyper local, battling for the needs of their neighbors in close proximity to the church itself. Some recent battles fought include funding for a local mental health facility, fighting homelessness and hunger, and working with local church leaders to form a more cohesive message and path for social justice-minded churches. The church posted the following information recently about the 2019 Lenten Fast:

This year, our Lenten emphasis will include not only a fast, but a feast. We’re fasting from Individualism,’ and the pre-occupation with me and mine’ without regard for others. And we’re feasting for Communalism’, recognizing our need for one another and the importance of taking care of each other. We especially recognize God’s command to take special care of those who are most vulnerable and at risk for abuse.

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