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Hi, I’m Jay Ray. The full history of this site is in the archive, but read on for more background.

In 2009, I started using Tumblr as a blogging platform. Prior to that, I had a few side projects that helped me gain an understanding of web technologies. The freedom of posting whatever I wanted to Tumblr with easy-to-use tools was the perfect way to get involved in the social media scene of the time. Looking back, I am astounded how little of what I wrote and shared matters to me now. However, I kept those posts, even transitioning them to my current site to allow for a record of my time on the web.

Engineered Eloquence was born out of my desire to make a more concerted effort to document my thoughts and life. This is version 5 of the Engineered Eloquence site and with it, I hope to build something that is more of a Journal of my web interactions. Social media was a way to connect people; Twitter and Facebook have now refocused on current events and the 24-hour news cycle, but I still long for that connection and the ability to help where possible.

This site runs on Nash and I are working on an engine to help you create something similar. Reach out using the following methods if you’d like. Thanks.

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