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Old News from a Forgotten Draft

The state of the news is that: it is quickly becoming serialized. If you have missed any one piece of information, you are days or more behind and the obvious feeling is to give up on that particular story entirely. Yet there is virtue and value in research. For your daily download, I would suggest checking out NextDraft and for research assistance, consult a librarian. The below are links and items from a long forgotten draft.

Awesome Woman

Grace Brewster Murray Hopper recently came to my attention in this tweet. Unfortunately, Intuit’s tweet didn’t do justice to Ms. Hopper’s accomplishments, which are many. She was a Navy Admiral, invented the first compiler, and was a part of the team that invented COBOL, among many other things. Awesome!

One Video

This little girl is cute and thinks this broken water heater is a lovable robot. If only all of us can be so nice to them when they take over.