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I guess I’m back.

I took a brief hiatus from social media and… wow, was it great. I still learned about all the things I expected to, heard about current and recent events. I didn’t have my fingers on the pulse so to speak in the realtime sense, but I still felt more or less aware of things going on. After all, I am still a tech guy; I still spend my time in front of a computer, on the internet, and digesting information. I still watched TV and movies, I still listened to podcasts and music, I still read articles of interest or note.

So I guess I’m back on social media now. Not because I need to be and not because I felt that I was missing something during my absence. Quite the contrary, I learned how little I actually need social media for information or for entertainment. Connections are the bread and butter of social media, which is what I suppose I would lose if I were not on one of the many networks of which I am a part. I intend to move my social media habits to include more of those personal connections in fact, so less brands and businesses, more people.

I hope to cut the general noise and get to the heart of what social media can produce because, in the end, social media should be a creation engine.

Reach out; I look forward to the conversation.