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On the Frequency of Site Updates

I wanted to apologize for my recent absence on this site. The way that I wanted to run it was to post at a frequency of about once per week. For the first couple months, I was able to keep up with this. As most of you are aware, I recently entered a new, and rather daunting, part of my life that has commanded much of my time. In addition, I have become busy with work and helping out Lexi's school with recent productions, both musical and theatrical; in other words, fun but time-consuming.

Either way, however, I had writer's block. Each time I sat down with a little extra time, the cursor blinked, pounding on a blank document like the pulse in my brain, devoid of any new information to communicate. This post is therefore my return to form, my hope that I am able to start over and get back to where I want to be. I have many drawing board, long form items that I am looking forward to writing, a few items that should have been published but have been sitting unfinished for far too long, and I want to start discussing my preparation and thoughts on fatherhood. Also, I have had a couple of people mention that I need to start sharing my thoughts on cooking (including recipes and more generally), get back to technology more in my writing, and discuss social justice concerns while living in a place like Indianapolis. I will attempt to hit each of these and other topics as time goes on.

In the coming months, I plan to purchase my domain and rethink my use of Tumblr, as my publishing platform. If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions on this note, please drop me a line on a social network or through email. I have looked into Wordpress and Squarespace, as the former is used by many people I know and the latter looks to be one of the best hosted offerings in the space. In each case, the price is a barrier to entry, since this site is not meant to be anything but a hobby for the time being. 

In the meantime, thank you for continuing to read and I hope that we can continue to grow together, as I bring you more of my thoughts, concerns, and meanderings on all sorts of subjects.

See you next time,

Jay Ray