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I very rarely listen to podcasts anymore.
I was listening to one at the behest of a new friend;
A topic came up that really spoke to me:

Everyone has to find their own motivation.
If you can’t find something to motivate you,
You cannot do the thing being require of you.

Nash spoke to the idea that the hardest part of moving forward:
Getting started after a stopping point.
My blog space(s) can attest to that.

Each time I think about writing,
I think about how long it has been since my last post,
How stale the content might become after a time.
Living documents are like that.

Shouting into the void is tiring,
excessively futile.
But it serves a purpose

For the tinkerer in me,
For the creative in me,
For the socialite in me,
For the nostalgic in me,
For me.