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Give it a Week

I have an old Apple Watch (First Generation) in my possession and I have not been wearing it. Not that I haven't been tempted. To be honest, I have missed certain features, but I have worn a watch for so long, it feels like I should let me brain settle before reverting back to the previous behavior. I should give it more time (it has been one week, tomorrow).

The idea of giving it a week led me to a realization that perhaps that is more profound than I give it credit. Perhaps this notion can be applied to any scenario. Science says that habits are formed and broken over months, not days. It, therefore, begs the question: how long will it take to retrain my brain to be OK with a bare wrist and make an informed decision about changing it up again?

But it is also an attainable goal; one week is easier to plan for and succeed with than one year. If I plan to write at some point every day for one week, I can almost guarantee my success, even though it is not a habit I already have. Whereas planning to write at some point every day for one year is much less approachable.

If one week means almost certain success and success leads to more success in these situations, perhaps one week becomes two, which becomes a month or more. If I prove to myself and I can do something for a short period of time, what is one more time period, whatever it is.

We all must be willing to take a first step before we can expect to walk. Perhaps with the watch the tension I currently feel will fade (or perhaps it won't and that will be my answer), but in the meantime, I need to take it one week at a time to give myself the opportunity for some much-deserved clarity.