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Set the record straight

My name is Jay Ray and I tend to like Apple products.  There was a time when I swore by them… that was a long time ago.

Recently, there have been quite a few items in the Apple universe that people have wanted my thoughts and comments on. Asking, most of the time, in a snide attitude of “Apple did something wrong! Haha!” I do not take these issues personally because, as I have said in previous posts, I could care less.  I want to set the record straight though.  These are my thoughts on the iPhone 4 reception issues.

Apple made a difficult design decision and may have screwed up in the process.  It happens.  If you are not an engineer, shove it, because you don’t understand.  You may well understand the problem at hand, but you have no idea the background of how and why the decision was made in the first place.  Media outlets are not where you should get your information if you care about objectivity because in most cases, they do blow things way out of proportion.

In the meantime, I will not be purchasing an iPhone 4.  

Wait for shocked gasps  

I dislike AT&T too much to deal with reception issues (the network-based ones, not the hardware-based ones).  Right now, I have an original iPhone, but I have jailbroken and unlocked it to continue my use of the T-Mobile network, which in my opinion has superior customer service and pricing.  Now the real shocker: I am planning to switch to Android at my next update cycle (January).

So to set the record straight, it has been a long time since I liked Apple enough to be called a fanboy or to expect infallibility on their part.  What I try to still defend on their behalf is the subjectivity of the media toward them and the fact that they are not infallible.  They make mistakes and that is OK.  Microsoft made a mistake and yet does everyone still use Windows?  Yes.  Apple may have made a mistake and yet will the iPhone continue to be a coveted item in the world?  You decide because that is all you are getting out of me.