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Scrutinizing My Read-it-later Habit

December 7, 2018

A few weeks ago, I started talking about my effort to take my minimalistic tendencies and apply them to my digital life. Though I have little more to share on the subject, one bit of metric I thought would be of interest is my read later queue count.

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Digital Hoarding (or the Fight for Digital Minimalism)

November 15, 2018

I can’t pinpoint the exact time that I realized minimalism was the way I wanted to live my life, but I have written about it in the past and consider myself a burgeoning minimalist. (In this case, burgeoning means I have kids and minimalism is a personal choice that cannot be force on others.) The keys for me are the ideas of intentionality, simplicity, and mind share; the less I think about things, the more I can focus on the important stuff, be it family, hobbies, or otherwise. By extension, I believe that every decision is indicative of someone’s priorities and minimalism allows for a smaller list of priorities to juggle. Ergo, this mindset seems to come with the potential to reduce stress and produce a higher respect for the items one chooses to prioritize. However, I recently realized that while I had produced results in changing my physical world to match these values, I had little regard to the digital assets in my life.

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I’m Reading: A Silent Week’s Roundup

November 12, 2018

I have been radio silent this week, but I have read a lot. A few of the highlights include the lifting of the embargo on Apple’s new tech updates (MacBook Air and Mac Mini), commentary on the Pro” in iPad Pro, choosing a markdown editor in a crowded field of awesome options, and thought pieces on minimalism, voting, and the use of humans over machines in the news industry. In the interest of your time, I have only included pull quotes where necessary, otherwise the links are a simply bulleted list with context. The articles are listed by topic in no particular order.

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I’m Reading Weekend in Review

November 5, 2018

This weekend I found time to read quite a few items. Below are the highlights of that reading, including the most recent interview with Jony Ive; some thoughts from my father from his new blog space, Tongue on Fire”; an exploration on the extinction of the Middle Child; and an article about Apple’s approach to social networking as a study in in-person engagement at Apple Stores.

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I’m Reading “​Oura Ring Review”

October 30, 2018

I’ve said before that I am more of a ring than a watch person. Still, I have a new Apple Watch on my wrist and I’m relegating the gorgeous looking Oura ring to my reading and research category.

Over the past few years, the smart ring market has experienced many false starts, whether that’s been due to hardware hold-ups, legal issues or just the fact they’ve proven to be notoriously difficult to get right for mainstream consumers.

But after the rise and fall of hyped brands, like Smarty Ring, Fin and Nod, a number of companies have stuck around that promise smart rings with true staying power. That means highly accurate data tracking, valuable insights and, most importantly, a design you’ll actually want to wear.

One smart ring that ticks all of those boxes is Oura.

​Oura Ring Review - Wareable

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