Engineered Eloquence

Think Critically, Write Things Down, Repeat

Current Life Projects of Note

At Home:

  • Husband to a wonderful human being.
  • Father of two kids, who are just as weird as I am.
  • Purging and Rearranging
    • Minimize clutter in living space
    • Separate out items to be donated/sold
    • Rethink Long-term storage in basement

At Work:

  • Technology Operations Manager at University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Consulting (helping people out) on the side

At Play:

  • Reading through books to donate or discard.
  • Cleaning up and consolidating my digital storage and subscriptions, including backups, photos, ebooks, movies, tv shows, and audio.
  • Trying to get back into app and blog automation

Last Updated: October 2, 2018