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Hi, I’m Jay Ray.

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In the box below, share your thoughts or ask for help. If you would like me to respond, share your name and email address, but feel free to remain anonymous. I hope this message finds you well and I hope I can help no matter your current situation.

Note: If you’d prefer, you can just email me.

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About the Site

Engineered Eloquence was born out of my desire to make a more concerted effort to document my thoughts and life. This is version 6 of the Engineered Eloquence site (no science went into that version number) and with it, I am working on a more focused, more professional site that I can look back on with pride ten years from now. Although the entire archive of content exists on the site to ensure old links continue to work, only long-form posts are currently visible for click-through.

About the Design

This site runs on, intentionally with minimal structure and code. I personally chose every aspect of the site with the below-listed items as noteworthy.

Some Relevant History

In 2009, I started using Tumblr as a blogging platform. Prior to that, I had a few side projects that helped me gain an understanding of web technologies, all the way back to a website run on Apple’s .Mac service using iWeb to build it.

The freedom of posting whatever I wanted to Tumblr with easy-to-use tools was the perfect way to get involved in the social media scene of the time. Looking back, I am astounded how little of what I wrote and shared matters to me now. However, I kept those posts, even transitioning them to my current site to allow for a record of my time on the web.

I have moved the site between providers multiple times and have been on Blot since 2015 due to simplicity and an ongoing developer relationship.

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I have never had ads on my websites, save for a short stint back in the late 2000s, when online ads were less intrusive and earned me basically nothing. I will continue to write and post, all without monetizing it, but if you want to support my writing, do so through PayPal here: Engineered Eloquence.

Thank you for reading and taking this journey with me.

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