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The Relationship Between Sleep and Exercises

October 5, 2018

I’ve been reading recently about the relationship between sleep and overall health; this article seems to have a slightly different take: the relationship between sleep and exercise. Between my Apple Watch (with the desire to close those rings) and my general desire to feel rested in the morning, I feel like I do relatively well with all of the above, but something like the Oura Ring seems to do some really cool things with data collection and health assessments. From Men’s Health:

[Dr. Robert] Graham instead advised that for best results, don’t work out too strenuously right before bed. Ideally, try workouts for 20 minutes or more — whatever it takes for your body to feel hot — at least three hours before you want to sleep. As your body temperature cools, it acts as an additional signal for your body to sleep. Conversely, raising your core temperature immediately before bed will probably increase the time it takes you to fall asleep and may interfere with sleep quality.