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On Finally Understanding The Matrix Sequels

October 2, 2018

For fifteen years, I’ve assumed that the Matrix Sequels were irredeemable failures. But looking back on them with fresh eyes reveals a pair of films that are exhilarating, interesting, and sometimes hilarious. In this video I try to make sense of these two movies, and what they have to say about free will and the systems that control society.

Best Quote: There are some movies whose reputations are so seemingly universally agree upon, good or bad, that we stop questioning them. But the great thing about art is that while it stays the same, you don’t, and when you take a look back at something you thought you knew, it feels like waking up to a new reality when all you’ve ever known was the illusion.”

I honestly never thought The Matrix Sequels were bad, but I never thought they were as good as the original. I think I understand better now why there was a visceral reaction from so many about the movies. In any case, now I definitely want to rewatch them.