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I’m Reading “​Oura Ring Review”

October 30, 2018

I’ve said before that I am more of a ring than a watch person. Still, I have a new Apple Watch on my wrist and I’m relegating the gorgeous looking Oura ring to my reading and research category.

Over the past few years, the smart ring market has experienced many false starts, whether that’s been due to hardware hold-ups, legal issues or just the fact they’ve proven to be notoriously difficult to get right for mainstream consumers.

But after the rise and fall of hyped brands, like Smarty Ring, Fin and Nod, a number of companies have stuck around that promise smart rings with true staying power. That means highly accurate data tracking, valuable insights and, most importantly, a design you’ll actually want to wear.

One smart ring that ticks all of those boxes is Oura.

​Oura Ring Review - Wareable