I’m Reading Daring Fireball: The iPhone XR

I said recently that I was not in the market for the new iPhone models. After reading Gruber’s review, I started to think that maybe I should be. However, there are two gems that I thought I would draw attention to in this excellent review:

I don’t think the absence of 3D Touch is a dealbreaker for anyone, but it’s just weird that the iPhone XR is the first new iPhone since 3D Touch was introduced not to have it.

I am one of the few where this is a dealbreaker. I love the potential of 3D Touch and I use it wherever I can. I actually spend my time testing any new app icon on my home screen for extra functionality. I simply don’t think I could go back to an iPhone that lacked it.

The most visually striking difference, of course, is that the XR is available in a variety of cheerful colors. The black XR (which admittedly isn’t cheerful) looks a lot like the black XS and XS Max — it’s hard to tell them apart at a glance. The white XR (which is the color I’ve been using for the past week) is a much brighter white than the XS. The aluminum XR can’t compete with the premium look of the XSs polished steel frame, but I think the white glass back of the XR looks better than that of the white XS models. It’s really nice — and a bit Stormtrooper-y. The coral, yellow, blue, and Product Red models all look great. I got another look at all of them last week when I picked up my review unit in New York, and to me, the Product Red phone in particular is striking.

The colors are what intrigued me most about these models the day they were announced. I want a colorful iPhone. the Product Red iPhones 7 and 8, though different face colors were lust-worthy for me. My wife has a Product Red iPhone 7 and it is tragically encased. I can’t say that color alone puts me in the market for these phones, but I can say it tempts me more than it should.

Posted: October 24, 2018

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