I’m Reading A Few Thoughts on the iPhone XS Max”

I am not in the market for the new iPhones at all, but side commentaries are often the gems of reviews. In the case of Mr. Seigler’s and the original post on The Loop that brought me to his thoughts, the following caught my eye:

Overall, I’m curious to see what people think about the iPhone XR (on pre-sale as of today). Because it really does feel like it might be the right phone for a lot of people. The iPhones XS are great, but not a massive upgrade over the X. And I think the new pricing exacerbates the issue. If you have an iPhone 8, it’s undoubtedly worth an upgrade to the XS, but I’d point you to the smaller one. And I’m just not sure the XR isn’t a better path to go down for many people.

-M.G. Seigler, A Few Thoughts on the iPhone XS Max — 500ish Words

I too am interested in seeing the way the iPhones sell this year. I believe that the masses will flock toward a lower-cost iPhone with similar specs and a dash of whimsy. I know I would! The Loop’s post gave me another thought in the same vein:

I know a host of people who yearn for a new version of the SE form factor. There are people with small hands and/or terrific eyesight and/or small pockets that miss that size. … Same thing with Apple Watch. There are people with smaller wrists for whom even the old 38mm form factor was too large.

-Dave Mark, The Loop

I am one of those people who believe that smaller form factors, even with my larger hands/wrists are more desireable. There was a commentary way back in the days of the iPod that minitarization is both hard and expensive. The smaller the package, the more interested I become because I prefer my tech to be as unobtrusive as possible; this must be a shared line of thinking at a time when the words phone” and addiction” are often used in the same sentence.

Posted: October 22, 2018

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