September 29, 2017

iPhone Speed As A Technological Dilemma

I will admit that I want my phone to be fast, but I’m unsure I’m prepared for it to make my iPad or (worse) my MacBook Pro feel slow.

In many ways, guessing at the internal components of an iPhone from 2027 is easier than guessing at the larger software advances or reading the tea leaves of patent disclosures. Here’s the only statement in this piece that’s guaranteed to be true: the processing power will be dramatically greater and the battery capacity will be higher in the iPhone XX. Why? Because of the inevitable march of technological progress. … Apple has been steadily making incredible progress with their A-series of processors which now include an Apple-designed GPU as well. Over the next 10 years, we can expect this trend to continue, and unless Intel miraculously gets its shit together, it really seems like Apple is running away with the crown.

Just comparing the new iPhone 8 with the A11 Bionic chip to high-end Android flagship phones is a joke. That damn thing is even faster in a heads-up test against a brand new 13-inch MacBook Pro.

-Mike Rundle, iPhone XX Futurology, Medium


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