September 2, 2017

Amy’s Drive Thru

Last week, I commented on the lack of vegetarian fast food options; turns out, Amy's is building a fast food, drive-through empire.

Instead of a swift-moving, utilitarian kitchen, the culinary operation at Amy’s Drive Thru is necessarily divided into thirds, with vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options all prepared separately so as not to cross-contaminate. Whereas a standard fast-food restaurant has around 15 employees per outpost, Amy’s Drive Thru employs over 90 because it takes many more people to prepare the food. Even so, all are paid at above minimum wage, and with full benefits. And with a single-patty veggie cheeseburger clocking in at $3.99, just around a dollar more than the McDonald’s offering, Amy’s is not exactly pitching itself to a higher tax bracket.

-Eillie Anzilotti, America’s First Meat-Free Fast-Food Restaurant Is Getting Ready To Expand, Fast Company

Look here for the original comment from August 27th.

Thanks to NextDraft for the big reveal!


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