February 16, 2017

You Oughta Know - Flynn

Flynn is the current news, but the administration is not done with the fallout. Also, an awesome woman of the day.


There is too much to cover to summarize the Flynn debacle in a few words (or a few paragraphs), but I wanted to link to some of the resources in chronological order I have come across to explain the crumbling of the current administration. (And make no mistake, this situation is a big deal and could amount to treason charges for Flynn and impeachment inquiries.)

One Video

If you watch one video today, make it this powerful message from angry veterans to the president, which aired during a recent episode of SNL.

Awesome Woman of the Day

In 1947, Dr. Marie M. Daly earned a Ph.D. in chemistry making her the first African-American woman in the United States to do so.” -NAACP, @NAACP - Twitter

Some fun facts about Dr. Daly:

And resources:


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