Last week, I discussed a rejected iOS app that did a novel thing by using the new iPhone’s 3D Touch sensor to create a digital scale. Thankfully, the open web has us covered with TouchScale!

The thing that I like most about TouchScale is the fact that the findings of the developers behind Gravity still apply; for instance, using a spoon as the weigh tray works. When testing the web app out, of course, it was decidedly touchy, something that, in my mind, would have been a better experience in a native iOS app.

Therefore, my only concern is that the programmers behind TouchScale did not need to show the same attention to detail that is evident in the Gravity developer’s rundown of their process. In other words, I think the developers of TouchScale have much less riding on the design and development of their web app than did the developers of Gravity. We shall see if there are updates to the web app or continued development from others in this space.

Here’s hoping this proof of concept being in the wild convinces someone at Apple that low-weight digital scales could be a valid application of 3D Touch in the future.

Posted: November 4, 2015

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