Ben Brooks on Minimalism

Well, not exactly, but Ben’s commentary regarding getting rid of things smacks heavily of my consistent desire for minimalism in all the facets of my life. The key here is honesty and providing yourself with a consistent, undeniable metric, as described by Ben’s sister’s clothing thinning process:

She said that each year she hangs all the hanging clothes so that they are hooked from the wrong side. She had some like system for the folded clothes as well. And then at the end of the year she donates all the clothes that have not been touched in that year — easily indicated by hangers still turned the wrong way.

I immediately turned to Lexi and asked that we do this or something similar. As it is, I will be attempting to incorporate some physical representation of disuse to all of my things. When was the last time I use this appliance? This piece of untouched tape says six months. Why do I still have this old jacket? It’s been a year since I used it and I now have a replacement. Is this room full of furniture because it has to be or because I want it to be? Look at the layer of dust on this shelf. Kidding aside, it really is a good idea.

After reading his thoughts, it became abundantly clear why he created his new storefront site. His three pile system—Keep It, Toss It, Sell It—is close to my thought of Keep It, Toss It, Donate It. Even where technology is concerned, I simply don’t have the time, energy, or interest to sell things, although I once did have this trifecta in the form of a storefront on Ebay. Either way, Ben’s words had me nodding in agreement and thankful that he has embarked on his own version of NaNoWriMo because I assume that these thoughts would have otherwise gone unwritten.

Posted: November 11, 2015

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