Apple TV App Discoverability Follow-up

Yesterday I wrote about the new Apple TV and I made this offhand remark about app discoverability (emphasis added):

Management woes aside, SketchParty made it onto my Apple TV home screen, while many others that once lived there will be lost to the abyss that is Apple TV App Store discoverability.

At the time, I assumed that most of my readership would just take it with a grain of salt if they didn’t understand the particulars, but if anyone was confused by it, Joe Caiati wrote up an excellently-titled diatribe of the exact issue:

With the announcement of the App Store for the new Apple TV, many developers’ hopes and wishes had finally come true. You could now build and submit apps for the Apple TV much like you would for Mac, iPhone and iPad.

There’s only one problem. You can’t find any of them.

-Joe Caiati, If This Article Was an Apple TV App, You Probably Wouldn’t Be Able to Find It, dot info

Joe is completely right. He even goes into the lack of adequate linking infrastructure, as I mentioned at the end of my post, when I stated (emphasis added):

Check out SketchParty on the iOS App Store here and on the Apple TV App Store, to which—much to my chagrin—I cannot directly link.

All that being said, there are definitely some rough edges to the new Apple TV and App Store discoverability is just one of those, albeit an important one to the future of the platform that Apple claims will revolutionize the television landscape. My hope, just like Joe’s, is that Apple deals with these problems quickly.

Posted: November 3, 2015

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