Dark Side of the Moon

I finally got around to reading Dr. Drang’s coverage of Lagrange points and its interest in the case of the satellite that took this picture/gif:

Dark Side of the Moon

To be completely honest, it took me back to college and my mechanical engineering degree. I realize sometimes, that I miss that portion of my education dreadfully; it is what made me who I am today because it taught me to stay interested in learning and being challenged. Here’s a taste:

Lagrange is a name you’ll become very familiar with if you do any work in mechanics. He was a 18th century mathematician/astronomer/whatever who took Newton’s mechanics, which was based on forces, and reformulated it in terms of potential and kinetic energy. I spent one semester in grad school where it seemed like all I did was generate differential equations of vibrating systems using Lagrange’s equations.

Posted: August 11, 2015

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