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I don’t often link to long videos because who wants to watch a 15+ minute video that they just happen to stumble across. However, this is a great TED talk; I love the fact that Chicago’s flag is set in the video as the gold standard.1 We now live in Madison, WI, which has a city flag design that follows many of the rules discussed in the video. However, the flag of Wisconsin’s largest city, Milwaukee, is mentioned instead, but not in a good way.

Below, I have linked to the three cities in which I have lived since the video piqued my interest and Milwaukee’s as a counterpoint. I have also included information about the flag designs not mentioned in the video, namely Indianapolis and Madison. Fascinating Stuff.


Chicago Flag

Chicago Flag - Wikimedia

Indianapolis Flag

Indianapolis Flag - Wikimedia

Fun City Finder states the following about the flag design:

Madison Flag

Madison Flag - Wikimedia

Wikipedia states the following about the flag design:

Milwaukee Flag

Milwaukee Flag - Wikimedia

(Video found via ParisLemon)

  1. The North American Vexillological Association puts the Chicago city flag at the second best in design quality, behind only the flag of Washington, D.C.

Posted: May 27, 2015

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