Aluminum Battery Technology

The battery can recharge in one minute, it’s flexible (meaning it can be bent to fit more snugly into various gadgets), and it’s potentially inexpensive, since aluminum is cheaper than lithium. Furthermore, the materials are safer than the ones in lithium-ion batteries, which can catch fire in certain situations. In contrast, the aluminum-ion battery won’t catch fire even if you drill a hole through it while it’s working.

-Stan Schroeder, Researchers build aluminum battery that can be charged in one minute”, Mashable

Watch the video included with the original post for proof of the above. I may be a minority, but I find battery technology fascinating and frankly, the future will be decided by our ability to harness portable power. Gadgets aside, energy storage and transportation is important to how the world will progress out of our current dependence on non-renewable energy sources. I can’t wait until I can charge my phone in minutes using only renewable energy from wind and solar farms hundreds of miles away; that future is coming.

(via The Loop)

Posted: April 7, 2015

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