New Macbook Air or iPad Pro

In other words, would Apple release a laptop with no dedicated power cable, ditch a bunch of traditional ports, and funnel every bit of power and wired connectivity through a connector that it has never before used, all in the name of creating a thinner and lighter laptop? Are you kidding? Of course it would.

-Jason Snell, The 12-inch MacBook Air: Back to basics?”, Six Colors

I’ve read a lot about the purported upcoming 12-inch Macbook Air (with Retina Display) and Jason Snell has a great post about the possibilities, but I want to bring your attention, as well, to a tweet from Marco Arment:

I’ve long suspected that the 12-inch rAir and 12-inch iPad Pro are really rumors about one device.

I love that idea and I think Apple would be in a much better marketing position with this type of device, especially given the fact that a two-port Mac would be a hard pill to swallow for many. John Gruber wrote a post dealing with the charging issue, but if the iPad Pro and the 12-inch Macbook Air are on one and the same, then the port is not a USB Type-C as suggested, but a Lightning port. This argument would also lead me to the conclusion that Apple would not have to deal with Intel’s chips, which are notorious for their cooling issues, but ARM chips designed by Apple.

Perhaps this is Apple’s first foray into a world with iOS on a Mac form factor.

Posted: January 9, 2015

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