Logical Assumptions With Jim Dalrymple

The truth of the matter is, nobody knows if the Apple Watch will be a huge success, a moderate blip on the consumer’s radar or a dismal failure. What we do have, is history of what’s happened with Apple’s major product releases, and a reasonable understanding of how consumers feel about the company. With this information, we can make some logical assumptions about how the Apple Watch will do in the market.

-Jim Dalrymple, Apple Watch: The success or failure of Apple’s next device”, The Loop

Mr. Dalrymple has a good list of the take aways from previous Apple device launches and really, with the preannouncement of the Apple Watch, the closest estimation to the Apple Watch’s success in terms of Apple’s own timeline would be the iPhone. Still, the bulleted list Jim has put together is a good start to put all the preemptive naysaying back where it belongs: in a nice batch of claim chowder.

Posted: January 15, 2015

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