Experiences, Not Pictures

Recently, I have had a lot of difficulty getting new posts up on the site. That is not to say I am technically incapable; it is more a problem of content availability and wherewithal. I open a window in whatever editor I decide to use that day1 and start drafting something. Often times I get distracted or have to step away and in my attempt to pick it up later, I lose the aforementioned wherewithal or the content has become stale. Of late, my posts have been links to external content, which is fine; I have never made this space out to be more than a link list the majority of the time. However, I never intended it to be solely a link list and that is a place where I have recently failed.

Today, M.G. Seigler wrote a post about titles and their importance or lack thereof. The post got me thinking about the way that I write and the fact that I will almost always come up with a title as I start writing or shortly after. The title of a post has some importance to me—I even moved blogging platforms because the lack of title options on Tumblr video posts bothered me—but the content should be king. The moment I box myself in with a certain title is the moment when I feel less creatively invested in the content.

That being said, this post will not make up for the last couple weeks, but being the first non-link-list post of 2015, I hope that it marks a seachange for site freshness. Expect that 2015 will be a different kind of year for my content, as I struggle to find a place here for each of my interests. I have been reading more books and fewer articles (hence the lack of link list items); I have been spending less time on my phone and more time with my wife and child; I have been cooking more, but keeping track of my recipes less. Nevertheless, I hope to post more often.

I think it all comes down to experiences: I am making the most of my time in these ways and otherwise, which means I have less time devoted to talking about them. The idea is analagous to the recent discussion that taking pictures of something means the picture taker experiences less of that something. Recently, I have realized I don’t want a picture of an experience that I can look back on, I want an experience that I can cherish. Here’s to what 2015 could be.

  1. I recently bought Desk and I am enjoying it, but I have also been known to use iA Writer, Byword, TextWrangler, TextEdit, Atom, Brackets, and— Oh my God, I’ve gone cross-eyed.↩︎

Posted: January 30, 2015

In 2022, I am participating in two leadership training programs. This should be a social experience, so I am writing about it. Check out the full list of posts in the series here.

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