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[Paprika Recipe App] is the best recipe app for your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. And Paprika is more than just a recipe app. Paprika makes it easy to plan, save, shop for, cook, and organize all your favorite recipes. In addition to its iPhone and iPad apps, Paprika has a great Mac app as well.

-“Thanksgiving Stuff”, Tools and Toys

Tools and Toys has a great-looking rundown of the things you may need for this week/weekend, including items for all sorts of cooking and entertainment. I just bought all the versions of Paprika Recipe App to try out because they are on sale right now at close to 50% off.1 In addition, though, they have included a number of books and music suggestions that will hopefully please everyone.

  1. I say close to 50% because the iOS apps are 40% off ($2.99 down from $4.99). However, the Mac app is actually 50% off ($9.99 down from $19.99), so if you buy all three, the total price comes in at just over 53% off ($15.97 down from $29.97); what a deal!

Posted: November 24, 2014

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