Monument Valley

Watch this video and then come back and read this post; I’ll wait:

Now that you have watched the beauty that is the development process of Monument Valley (one of the coolest games out there) I can tell you about a tweet I saw tonight that bothered me:

Seems quite a few people have gone back and 1 star reviewed Monument Valley upon update because the expansion was paid. This makes us sad.”


I retweeted it immediately because holy crap! Earlier in the day, I had seen that they had released the update, which I promptly paid for and saved for later enjoyment. After seeing that tweet, I went to the App Store and wrote this review, entitled Great Game, Worth the Money”:

The amount of work that obviously went into this game is astonishing; these are the things that we as a culture need to value by spending the money to support it. UsTwo is asking for a paltry amount of your pocket change in exchange for hard work, please don’t complain about it.

Jason Snell wrote a post about this tweet as well, saying I can’t say I’m surprised, but I’m still disappointed that people think $4 bought them a lifetime subscription to Monument Valley.”

I think we need to go further than that by realizing that the developers could have just as easily created a new app called Monument Valley 2” and priced it at $4. It still would have been a fair price and I still would have paid it. Keep up the good amazing work, ustwo!

And everyone else, go buy the damn game!

Posted: November 12, 2014

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