Normal Users on iOS 8

I wanted to update the day it came out, but of course I didn’t have enough space! Where was I meant to sit and find time to delete 5GB worth of space? Impossible. I let it go for the next few days, I was in no rush. About 75% of my friends in school updated within the first few days, well the ones who had space obviously. They weren’t that impressed with it. I eventually updated using ITunes [sic] after Karan told me I could, not having to delete stuff after all. I wasn’t impressed either.
iOS 8 isn’t a flashy updated [sic] like iOS 7, and most users won’t realize the power of it until at least a year when all the major Extensions and Widgets become commonplace. I think this also confirms that the 5 GB requirement for an OTA Update is definitely contributing in holding up the Adoption Rate.

I immediately knew that the storage required by the iOS 8 OTA update was going to be an issue for Apple. My mother always updates immediately when there is something available and she had to hold off to delete stuff” and make room”. I still don’t understand how Apple is selling a 16GB phone for $200, but then again they are still selling an 8GB iPhone 5C as well. Good luck with that.

Posted: October 14, 2014

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