Apple’s Subtle Storytelling

But look behind the exploded iMac. Behind the new TCON there’s a girl holding her father’s hand. Not brought to the centre of the frame, not inflated to be the story of the video, just a consequence of this device being in their home. That’s incredible storytelling. That’s Apple.

-Matthew Palmer, That’s Apple”

Short post, but a powerful message. Apple is all about the details and if you are the type of person who appreciates the work that goes into such details, you are probably a fan of Apple.

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I own things.

This is a work in progress; I am basing this list on Nashp’s Things list.

Note: Shared ownership through marriage and parenthood complicates minimalism, so only those things I think of as uniquely mine are recorded. Also, the major items I use for work are listed but cannot be changed.

For Work (Major Items Listed Only)