WWSJD is No Longer Important

Let’s review parts of the keynote that felt weak and see if Steve can make it shine.

-Jong-Moon Kim, Steve Jobs Introduces the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch”

Be sure to take the linked essay with a grain of salt. Mr. Kim decided that he knows exactly what Steve Jobs would have done in a situation like the one in which Apple found itself last week. While I felt a bit uneasy at some of the points of the presentation, and I am still wrestling personally with why, I would not have the audacity to think that my personal views of Apple make me a good judge of what Steve Jobs would do”.

I have no doubt that the presentation of the iPhone 6 and the Watch would have been different if Steve Jobs had still be around because Steve Jobs had a formula, a cadence, and a storytelling ability that very few people can even remotely emulate. Apple as it stands today is utilizing the skills and talents that it has at its disposal, instead of trying to be a poor representation of a post-mortem homage to Steve Jobs, which in my opinion is a strength and not a weakness as Kim seems to be suggesting.

In any case, perhaps Steve Jobs would have only introduced one Watch style (and the fashion segment would have hated it); perhaps Steve Jobs would have only design one iPhone 6 (and the press would have hated it); perhaps Steve Jobs would have spent more time discussing specific use cases instead of technical details (and the missing discussion topic would have been the same: battery life). What Kim has reminded me in all this is that the above statements simply don’t matter; this is no longer Apple under Steve Jobs, this is Apple under Tim Cook and they are not afraid to forge their own path based on their own strengths.

Posted: September 15, 2014

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