What iOS RSS Readers are Missing

Recently, I linked to a post on MacStories that discussed a wish list of items for iOS 8. I came away from that post feeling underwhelmed since I truly hope Apple refocuses to stabilize what they started with iOS 7, instead of adding features for the sake of adding features and coming out with something more buggy.

Interestingly enough, however, Ben Brooks came out with a similar wish list of items he would like to see in iOS RSS readers. I hope it is not hypocritical to be nodding my head the entire time I read Ben’s post after my reaction to Federico’s post. Nevertheless, if an RSS reader came out that did any one of the items listed in Ben’s list, let alone all of them, I’d pay whatever they were asking. I especially would like be able to write and post items like this one to my blog from within an RSS app.

Check out Ben’s post for more head-nodding features I would love to see in the future of RSS.

Posted: May 4, 2014

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