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In my opinion, this is the crown jewel of Beats Music. My problem with most streaming services is that I often don’t have a clue what to listen to. Sure, they’ll show me what’s popular, but that’s not necessarily where my tastes lie. Likewise, algorithmic recommendations tend to generate uninspiring mishmashes of songs. Hey, we noticed that you like metal and country, so here’s a playlist with Marilyn Manson, Toby Keith, Beck, and Nickelback!” Thanks, but no. I like strawberries, mustard, and eggs, but I wouldn’t make a sandwich out of them.

-Josh Centers, What Sets Beats Music Apart”, TidBITS: FunBITS

Prior to reading this take on the Apple Beats Acquisition, I was a little worried about what exactly Apple could get out of the mix, but I’ll admit to being more and more intrigued each day. iTunes Radio does its job for me most days, mainly because I use it only rarely, but Josh Centers gets a few ideas down on paper here that I have not seen anywhere else. And after reading Stephen Hackett’s take on the iTunes Conglomerate, I think Apple is ready to separate out iTunes into its different services for the betterment of all of them.

Posted: May 19, 2014

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