iOS 8 and a User-Facing File System

Tools like Preview and Tags would make iOS more powerful and more flexible, and I don’t know anyone who would complain about that. Apple’s Tags technology isn’t a true user-facing file system, but they might be as close as we’ll ever see on iOS.

-Stephen Hackett, On Preview, Tags and iOS 8”, 512 Pixels

Stephen and I see eye to eye on what Apple should do with regard to the iOS file system, utilizing tags and a generic application like Preview as a hub for all files that are not photos, music, or otherwise taken care of by a stand-alone application. Interestingly enough, I wrote two articles (here and here) on the subject about a year ago that doubled as a review of the Mavericks Developer Preview and a discussion surrounding the power of tags, both now and in the future with integration in iOS. I sure hope Stephen and I are right!

Posted: March 20, 2014

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