Inbox Close-to-Zero

With these two punches to the stomach in mind, I rebooted my inbox during the holidays with these fixes. Some are essential and some are personal, but I believe all are valuable.

-Michael Lopp, Inbox Reboot”, Rands in Repose

Being unemployed right now, I don’t get a whole lot of email that is urgent, but I have always been of the opinion that I do email quite well, especially in comparison to some. I am at Inbox Zero or Inbox Close-to-Zero almost all the time because I unsubscribe like a fiend, act immediately on things in my inbox, and know myself well enough to only check my email a couple times a day, so as to keep email from consuming my life. Nevertheless, Michael Lopp has written a detailed review of his own methods and how they have failed. His steps to get better with his email are those listed above, which he details more in the full post. Hopefully he is successful in his moves to have fewer dropped email threads.

Posted: February 7, 2014

In 2022, I am participating in two leadership training programs. This should be a social experience, so I am writing about it. Check out the full list of posts in the series here.

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