Feeling an App’s Sounds

You see, with the Era in-ear and tethered to my phone, any sounds that would normally go through the speaker of the phone go right to the device. So I no longer feel bad about leaving the sound on. And now that means I get to hear not only push notification sounds, but all sounds being put to clever usage within apps. And some of them really do alter the way an app feels.

To some of you, this will be the most obvious thing in the world. But I know a lot of people are like myself and almost always have their phones set to silent. And we’re all missing a big component of many apps and the overall mobile experience.

Although the general point of the post is not what the above portion suggests, I wanted to comment on the fact that sounds really do make or break an app in my mind. I have a couple of apps that use the generic sounds of the iPhone and I feel cheated when I hear the notifications. When there are apps the likes of Tweetbot and Letterpress that took the time to create sounds that truly fit their apps, any app that doesn’t take that extra time, as MG seems to agree, simply feels inferior.

Posted: February 19, 2014

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