BlackBerry, Microsoft, and… Tizen?

Instead, attention is shifting to winning a share of a potentially bigger pie: the software that runs your car, camera, fridge, smartwatch or TV. The thinking here is that if web-based operating systems like Firefox or Tizen can gain a foothold in those internet-connected devices, they could then gain broader acceptance among users and app developers on mobile, too.

-The Indian Express, Operating systems of every size, shape and colour try to break Google, Apple stranglehold”

I completely randomly stumbled upon a series of articles that all seem to be saying something similar: the future of small (read: otherwise unheard of) operating systems’ success is in the least likely of places. In addition to the linked and above-quoted article from a news outlet I have never seen before, every tech blog that I follow reported on Sunday that Ford would be dropping Microsoft’s In-Sync technology in favor of Blackberry’s QNX OS. If you don’t know, Ford’s dashboard software for their cars has been a Microsoft product for years, so I agree with the sentiment that the change is a big deal.

I think the key to these stories though is the idea that smaller (or down-and-out) companies that are unable to compete with the operating system heavyweights of Apple and Google will have to compete in different areas of technology. If the reports surrounding Ford are true and come to fruition, how apropos that Blackberry is one such down-and-out operating system company that may have just landed a business saving deal in their eleventh hour… as an automobile operating system business!

Add to that the fact that LG bought WebOS from HP in order to make a better SmartTV and Samsung has developed its own OS (Tizen) to replace Android in some of its future technologies (“Smart” Watches initially) and I think it becomes clear that operating system success can be had in realms outside of the smartphone.

(via The Loop)

Posted: February 24, 2014

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