Second Gear and Glassboard

I meant to comment on the initial news that Glassboard had been acquired by Second Gear, but neglected to do so until it was much too late to be relevant. Nevertheless, I have been following the news and joining in on the conversation because I really like Glassboard. I was particularly interested in the linked interview due to the questions regarding Glassboard’s future, especially given the obvious question: why does the world really need yet another messaging app? To think about such an app as a new and expanded form of IRC is forward-thinking in my mind. In this day and age, messaging apps that have legitimate sources of income are few and far between. I currently use iMessage and texting the most (with ADN and Twitter a close second), while I rarely use Facebook Messenger or Google Hangouts. In addition, my Basil beta-testing uses Glassboard as a way to communicate back to the developer regarding problems or feature suggestions. We shall see what Second Gear really has in store for Glassboard, but if the new iOS app is any indication, it seems to be in good hands.

Go read the interview; it has a lot of good questions and confidence-building answers.

Posted: January 15, 2014

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