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Farewell, Design Cruft

January 16, 2014

I was alerted to this list from The Loop and thank God I clicked the link because the list makes me infinitely happy. I was involuntarily nodding my head as a I read through each one. A couple comments on specific points that I have attempted to exemplify in my own website design:

  • Drop-Down Menus: In short, every time I hit a hover-over drop-down menu on a website, I cringe because I know that it will not work well on mobile devices. The interesting thing about this style of design is how it actually leads right into two other list items.

  • Flash: Really?! Is this even a question anymore? The only things for which flash was ever useful were drop-down menus and media/animations, both of which should be taken care of easily by not using them (see above) and using other, better technologies, respectively.

  • Mobile-specific Sites: With the advent of responsive design, mobile sites, or ‘m.’ sites” as the list calls them, should be a thing of the past. However, if the desktop version of a site relies heavily on drop-down menus or flash (see above), the web designers are backed into a corner and forced to create what amounts to dumbed-down versions that are user hostile, especially in the event that the user wants to get to the real site from a mobile device. If you must have a mobile site, have the decency to let me get to the Desktop version from my smartphone or tablet!

Here endeth the lesson. Enjoy!