iOS7 and Montessori Education

The Montessori method of teaching relies heavily on natural materials. One of the first things people notice about our classrooms, for example, is the abundance of activities involving wood. And so it made sense that as we duplicated the Montessori experience in digital form, the materials presented looked the same way. On an iPhone or iPad, the experience we offered children was largely rooted in the real world.


Thinking in these terms helps take us to the core of what this new landscape means: the connections between the physical” and the digital” are becoming increasingly less tenuous. If we learn to reduce any unnecessary physical elements, we can better highlight, not just the digital functionality of the app, but the experience itself.

“How iOS7 is forcing a redesign of Montessori education”, Quartz

A fascinating read about Montessori education and its integration with iOS over the years, especially given the aesthetics of the platform up to iOS 6 and the new design of iOS 7. Now as I struggle with my own child’s understanding of technology in the real world, I liked the thinking behind the idea of seeking out the connections between the physical and digital and being deliberate about how we are teaching students about both.

Posted: December 20, 2013

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