LEDs can be scarier than CFLs

That 60 watt Wal-Mart bulb, when operating base down in open air and not even using a shade, has its internal LED case at 85°C, the absolute upper end of what is considered safe” for full life expectancy. The same deal is true for competitive bulbs. Put a shade around it… and it’s a little warmer. Put it into any kind of base-up socket and it gets a lot hotter and all life expectancy numbers are off the table. Put it into any kind of porch or post light fixture, and it can fry, with its internal power supply components at the cliff edge of failure. Put the lamp in a ceiling-mounted fully enclosed fixture and set the timer for when failure will occur.

-Ed Rodriguez, EDN Network, That 60W-equivalent LED”

I’ve been looking into LED replacement recently, but knowing how easy it is to drop efficiency, reliability, and life expectancy with a few differences in lighting location and room temperature, I may be waiting a little while longer before making any purchases. Mr. Rodriquez lays it out in fairly simple terms.

Posted: November 22, 2013

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