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NOTE (2014-11-15): I am keeping this post for the sake of historical completeness; I have updated the links to not break, but otherwise, it is unadulterated. That is all.

To All Engineered Eloquence Followers On Tumblr:

As discussed in my post entitled Nesting”, I will be moving all future posts to a different Tumblr blog. Unfortunately, this is not the easiest thing to explain and due to Tumblr’s obstinance regarding migrating data between blogs, I am left at an impasse. There is no way for me to automatically move a user’s follow status from one blog to another and there is no way for me to migrate blog posts from one Tumblr blog to another.

In other words, from here on out, I will be posting all information to what was the Links blog at At some point in the near future, that site URL will change to simply Once that change occurs, no other information will be posted on this account, so you will have to Follow” the other site to keep up with new posts. Please email me or reach out via social networks if you have questions or concerns about this move; email address and social network connection information is available on the About page. Thanks.


Posted: November 12, 2013

In 2022, I am participating in two leadership training programs. This should be a social experience, so I am writing about it. Check out the full list of posts in the series here.

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