Shawn Blanc Just Blew My Mind

If Apple had instead chosen to incorporate some of these features by doing Home screen widgets, then access to them would be restricted to only our first Home screen (or whichever screen we’d placed those widgets on).

There is still much growth and iteration that can — and I believe will — happen here. But with iOS 7, Apple has begun to let us interact with iOS in significant ways that don’t require the launching of an individual app. Certain functions of iOS are slowly expanding out of their silos.

-Shawn Blanc, The iOS 7 Home Screen Upgrade

I honestly hadn’t even thought of the updates to the Notification Center and Control Center in this way, but Shawn has a salient point. The fact is that Apple has provided a way for many of what they see as the most important widgets” to be quickly available from any screen. Widgets on Android are locked to specific screens and most skinned versions of Android can’t even keep the persistent search bar at the top of the screen, which has been an option on stock Android since Gingerbread. Apple has provided a flexibility in iOS 7 that simply doesn’t exist in current implementations of such widget-like functionalities. I will probably look at my home screen a little differently now.

Posted: October 1, 2013

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