October 14, 2013

Recommendations and Real-World Use

Shawn walks down gadget and app memory lane.

It can be easy to write a positive review of a cool new app or gadget, but how does that product hold up over time when the newness wears off and the routine of life settles back in?

-Shawn Blanc, Revisiting All My Past Product Reviews and Recommendations: What Stuck and What Didn’t?”

I like these types of posts, those that show that the writer thinks about the long term viability of the apps and gadgets reviewed on their site. It keeps the writer honest to their readership about their recommendations. With Shawn’s site, it is astounding the sheer number of things that he has reviewed over the years, so this is an important exercise in what is still useful, no matter what the initial verdict was. In addition, just like being wrong about a prediction, the explanations of why something that got a positive review is no longer in use are candid and appreciated. I can only guess the countless items that didn’t make this already full list.

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