Nest Starts a Revolution

NOTE: This post links to, but each of the three articles discussed below deserve to be read. Enjoy!

I linked to the Nest website (and introductory video) the day of the announcement, but I have since read three introductions to the design sense, importance, and future movement of Nest. Marco makes some really good points about the feasibility of widespread adoption of such a product, although he does think the product will be successful.

Nest now has two products that work just as well separately as they do together and, in the words of Kyle Baxter:

Nest has not only built two devices that work together to efficiently manage your home’s energy and protect you from fire, but they’ve created two devices that can actively judge the situation and work together to intervene in your home to keep you safe.

In addition, both Marco and Kyle point their readers to the Wired article that profiles Nest and their future endeavors. I wanted to direct my readership to each of these articles since I am excited about the product itself and continue to be excited to watch a team like that of Nest, especially given Kyle’s prescience with regard to the future Nest has in smart home technologies.

Posted: October 10, 2013

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