The above link is an article on Vulture, which was a deep look inside the making of a movie that I have heard so many great things about. Literally across the board, I have been hearing that this is a movie to see in theaters. See for yourself: New York Times Review.

What I think is more fascinating, however, is just how many articles about Gravity have almost nothing to do with the content of the movie and solely focus on the director, Alfonso Cuarón.1 This includes Wired’s article regarding Cuarón’s distaste for the idea of ever making a movie set in space again.

If you don’t know Mr. Cuarón by name, you probably know him by at least one of the movies he has directed, most popular of which is the third Harry Potter film, which is generally seen as the best of the series due in some part to its ultra-realism in an otherwise unrealistic world of magic. In addition, as the Vulture article discusses, Cuarón is meticulous about the films that he chooses to do and how they turn out. Gravity was so many years (4.5 years, it seems) in the making due to Cuarón dislike of the previous technologies used to portray weightlessness on the screen. I am looking forward to experiencing such obsessive compulsion for myself.

  1. The same can be said for Neill Blomkamp when Elysium was released. Blomkamp has also made mention that he doesn’t want to make a big-ticket blockbuster like Elysium ever again. The similarities between these two directors are really uncanny. ↩︎

Posted: October 11, 2013

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